Sport-N-Center was founded in 1977 and we have grown and thrived ever since.  We are a  family-owned, local printing company in Denham Springs, Louisiana that specializes in silk screen printing, embroidery/ monogramming, team uniforms, business promotional products, business uniforms, trophy awards, signs and banners.  We print the majority of our products in house to guarantee our orders are the best quality and completed in a timely manner.

Our mission is to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest price possible.  We take great pride in our company, our commitment to our customer service and the products that we sell.  Our dedicated team members are ready to help with all your team and promotional needs from start to finish.

Our history

who we are...

In celebration of Sport-N-Center’s 40th year, the staff wanted to reintroduce the community to our fearless leader, Stacy Phipps. Forty years is an impressive amount of time for any business to be open but even more so for one that has such stiff competition from “big-box” stores. However, if someone spends just a few minutes with Mr. Stacy, his friendliness and easy-going attitude instantly reveal why Sport-N-Center has not only survived but thrived as well.
               The Phipps’ moved to Denham Springs in 1972 and, as fate would have it, became instant friends with a fella by the name of J.W. PeWee Day. Billy, Stacy’s father, and Mr. PeWee had many similar traits such as a community-centered mind, a go-getter attitude and tenacity by the bucket loads. A brotherly bond formed that survived a lifetime and cemented Sport-N-Center’s place in this rich community.
               By the mid 70’s, things started moving quickly for the Phipp’s family. In 1976, Stacy graduated from Denham Springs High School and in October of 1977 Billy and Pewee bought Sport-N-Center and hired Stacy as their manager. Originally located adjacent to the old Carol Theatre, Sport-N-Center was a hunting and fishing store with only a small amount of the business dedicated to athletics. As time progressed however, they discovered that their passion was geared more towards athletics so, in 1981, Stacy bought a screen-printer and set it right on the stage of the old Carol Theatre! The business moved to the current location in 1982 (a stone’s throw from the Carol Theatre), monogramming was added to the ever-growing list of services, Stacy acquired the entire company in 2007 and the rest has been history.

               Denham Springs is a small town with a lot of history. Though the city has grown exponentially over the last forty years, Sport-N-Center has remained true to its roots. Grounded in family, structured with integrity and dedicated to detail, Sport-N-Center is one of the few places where values are intact and deals can still be made with a hand shake.

               We, the staff of Sport-N-Center, wanted to reintroduce you all to the rich history that we have- a history that is still the first one in the building every morning and the last one to leave every day. A history that knows your last name, probably knew your grandfather and one who is watching your children grow. That history is Stacy Phipps, our fearless and loving leader.